How to Leverage Data for Advanced Audience Targeting in Terrestrial Radio

Radio provides the opportunity to reach more people than any other media channel, makes it a popular choice among advertisers. But terrestrial radio has lagged behind other media in its ability to target key audiences, which has been limited to broad audience demographics. That is, until now.??Advances in data technologies are opening up a world of opportunity for advertisers to target audiences across terrestrial radio with first party data.


haloAMP? for Radio

Advanced Media Planning Tool for Targeted Radio Advertising

Advanced media planning technologies like haloAMP? enable advertisers to leverage first party data to target the most valuable radio audiences with??the? precision of digital media.?First party data is the key to understanding what, when, where and how your customers listen to radio. These insights help?determine the most efficient media buys to get your message in front of the people who are most likely to buy from you.?

Wingman’s proprietary Audience Management Platform, haloAMP? combines your first party data with the first party data?of broadcast radio stations to provide key insights about how your customers listen to radio.?

How haloAMP? Targets Terrestrial Radio Audiences

First, haloAMP? ingests your?first party data and assigns a universal anonymous identifier to protect the identity of your customers.? We then match your first party data with first party data from our network of radio stations.?

Our radio station partners?match your audiences against the millions of audience profiles in their data pool.?When matched, you can see which markets, formats, stations and programs engage your target audience. This helps narrow your broadcast radio buys to the most valuable media? inventory.

Onboard 1st Party Data

First haloAMP? ingests your 1st party data and assigns a universal anonymous identifier. This identifier, called an identity link, allows us to layer your data with millions of behavioral and lifestyle data sets from the haloAMP? network while safeguarding the privacy and anonymity of your customers.

Connect 1st Party Data with Radio Station Data

We use haloAMP? to combine your first party data with first party data belonging to our network of radio stations. Our radio partners have millions of audience profiles that can be matched with your anonymized customer data.

Through a first party data match we learn what radio markets, networks, stations and programs get  your customer’s attention. We use these insights to buy the most efficient media.

Make Your Radio Campaigns Work Harder with haloAMP?

Ready to learn more about using Wingman’s advanced media planning and measurement tools to transform your radio buys?

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